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Kaplan's Time Factor Process

The Personal Productivity Program for Today's Leaders

Phase l - Organizes your work area for peak performance including:

  • Getting control of your e-mail and paper
  • Creating a workable paper and electronic filing system
  • Organizing and tracking tasks
  • Clearing out your computer hard drive
  • Installing the Kaplan System™ for workflow management
  • Developing an area of calm that supports your being optimally productive

Time Required: 1 full day

Phase ll - Focuses on key priorities, systems and processes to ensure you:

  • Consistently add real value to clients and colleagues at the highest possible level
  • Prioritize quickly and in real time to always "do the right thing"
  • Improving Manager/Assistant communication & teamwork
  • Boost staff performance and your own through more effective delegating.
  • Easily track delegated items
  • Identify where the time is really going; reassess and implement changes
  • Manage interruptions better

Time Required: half-day

Phase lll - Helps you execute with ease creating an ongoing success strategy to:

  • Stay on top of it all by effectively managing yourself and others
  • Stay on top of it all by effectively managing yourself and others
  • Better manage your career, people, boss
  • Address unique challenges
  • Establish a life/work balance that is both rewarding and sustainable

Time Required: half-day

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