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Kaplan's Time Factor™ FAQs

Is it "time management"?

While KTF addresses the kind of issues typically found in classic time management programs, it takes you much further, faster, and in a radically different way. Clients find the KTF approach to be highly practical and immediately useful. The program is delivered in your office or work area and is customized to suit your personal style and organization's culture.

What if I've already been "time managed"?

Many of our clients have been "time managed" at some point in their career yet they still find themselves struggling to find new ways to getting more done with less stress. They seem to know instinctively there has to be a better ways of working. Kaplan's Time Factor™ program provides many of these ways - very workable solutions persistent challenges.

Our aim is that Kaplan's Time Factor™ is the last program of its kind you will ever need to do.

What's special about the Kaplan methodology?

Our methodology addresses the real heart of the problem for many people first: getting organized. This establishes a firm foundation on which all other aspects of achieving peak performance rest. Sadly, while getting organized is often either overlooked or frowned upon as too "pedestrian" by many, we proudly proclaim its value - and so do our clients. This aspect of the program alone often produces life-changing experiences.

Why does it work?

KTF works because it's simple and directly to the point - minimal time spent on theory - maximum time implementing practical solutions.

"I'm a unique individual?" "I don't want a cookie-cutter approach."

We could not agree more. Your KTF coach will map directly onto how you are currently operating and help you make useful changes. You will quickly see results and feel good about the fact that "it all makes sense and fits me".

Can you really help me get organized?

Yes. We've worked with thousands of business people in the UK and USA. You, too, can enjoy the same success.

What are the typical net results?

The typical gain registered is an extra hour a day or an increase in productivity from 10% to 25% or more - with less stress. Plus, you'll achieve a more rewarding and sustainable life/work balance. Because the KTF is delivered in your office or work area, the results are immediately visible and tangible.

What are the overall benefits?

You'll learn how to better manage e-mail, paper, telephone calls and interruptions and work better together with your assistant, if you have one. You'll also create a filing system for both electronic and paper formats. And that's just the beginning:

  • Get more done with less stress
  • Achieve a greater sense of being in control
  • Reduce concern over how work-related stress may affect your health
  • Enjoy a marked decrease in procrastination
  • Experience less tendency to shuffle papers
  • Create a personal office space that creates a sense of calm and supports your ability to be productive
  • Have time to think!

How is KTF different and better than other programs?

The emphasis is on doing!

The program gives you a valuable "time out" in which you re-think your entire way of operating - from handling emails, paper, and creating filing systems - electronic and paper - to prioritizing, delegating, handling interruptions, etc.

The hands-on nature of the program and the coaching format allows you to develop the habits and systems to get organized, manage your work and stay on top of it.

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