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Kaplan's Time Factor™

The Personal Productivity Program for Today's Leaders

You're a professional, good at what you do, right?

But do you - like 90% of the clients we have worked with - seem to constantly struggle with getting organized and keeping up with the volume of work?

Your degree didn't provide you with everyday survival skills like being organized, handling tons of e-mails, telephone calls, paper and being constantly on the go.

Computers, mobiles/cell phones and Blackberries were supposed to make us more self-sufficient and eliminate the need for paper and assistants. But if you look around, how many "paperless" offices do you see? And if a more productive working relationship with your assistant were possible (or even having an assistant), wouldn't you have more time to focus on the most important things?

With all these "advances" then, why are so many people overwhelmed, stressed out and unable to spend enough time with their family? Or find time to go the gym or pursue a hobby? Why do they complain about never "catching up" and have to take their laptops with them on vacation?

Your Own Time Factor™ Coach at Your Side... All the Way

What would you do with an extra hour every day and less stress? That's the minimum most of our clients gain when they've completed this practical, fast-paced, highly customized program. Your coach works with you - right at your desk. Together, you create a totally new way of working. You learn powerful new habits and easy-to-use systems - proven techniques that have helped thousands of successful men and women in the USA and UK significantly increase their personal productivity to record levels. And maintain it. And what do our clients say about their Time Factor coaching? The answer is that 90% of our clients come from personal referrals.

With your Kaplan's Time Factor™ personal coach, you will:

  • Become completely organized - your desk, files, emails, cupboards, everything
  • Get focused and stay focused on what's really important. Deliver more of a real difference on the job, every day
  • Execute with ease. Make it all happen with more personal and business rewards.

Do The Time Factor™ Your Way

A completely customized, three-part process, for executives and groups/teams.

  • Delivered on-the-job in your office or work area, customized to your specific circumstances and personal style
  • Highly practical - 100% hands-on. You handle your own work, emails, papers, and files. All coordinated with your assistant.
  • Create a total system to manage yourself and your workflow - from the big picture down to your daily to-do list.

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