Kaplan Coaching and Consulting

Case Studies

Real Examples of Our Work

These case studies represent the variety of ways clients have engaged Steve. The stories are all true but the names have been changed to respect client anonymity.

Steve's approach is fast but at the same time thorough and deliberate. A highly skilled questioner and listener, Steve is able to quickly drill down to the core of an issue(s) with clients and help them devise effective strategies to achieve their goals.

As a consultant Steve's quick wit and good nature often help defuse even the most highly charged and/or sensitive atmospheres. Clients quickly realize that Steve not only "gets it" and "gets them" but that he really cares...and it shows.

Clients typically comment that Steve strikes the right balance between providing a challenging no-nonsense business-oriented approach with an equal portion of kindness and compassion. This factor perhaps above all else has enabled Steve to forge lasting client relationships on two continents.

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