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Getting a New Practice Leader On Track; Growing the Business

Newly promoted to lead 150 consultants including ten highly competitive partners - several of whom were significantly older than him and highly resistant to change - Roger found himself lacking the experience and know-how to effectively manage and lead the group.

First Steve helped Roger prioritize the key challenges facing the group and developed strategies to address them. Roger set about to build relationships with each of the partners and gain their all-important buy-in. He mobilized their support for an aggressive growth plan and created a viable recruitment program. Faced with a growing set of clients and more work than they could handle, the partner team and staff were provided Kaplan's Time Factor™ program. Throughout the engagement KCC worked closely with the Roger to help him continue to develop as an effective manager and leader. This often translated to helping him respond to real-time situations on the ground.

Over the next two to three years, the department grew in size to over 350 consultants, increased revenues by 500% and became one of the most profitable departments in the firm.

Steve quickly became a trusted advisor and was referred to many other partners in the firm facing similar challenges.

Grow or Die: Leading an Aggressive Growth Strategy

Faced with his global company's need to compete more effectively and grow revenues, a C-suite executive responsible for managing several business units engaged KCC.

Steve first worked with Robert to clarify the content and shape of his leadership message and refine his delivery. Robert then delivered the message to various constituencies in a number of forums. The result was a ground swell of support among to fully engage in an ambitious new two-year growth plan.

Subsequently, Steve designed and facilitated a 2-day retreat for top executives in which the new plan and its operating model were developed. With ongoing support from Steve, a growth rate of 25% a year for next three years resulted.

If You Build It Right: Creating an Infrastructure for Growth

As a result of its exceptional ability to get the job done despite any/all obstacles, a small but vital operations department within a large global company found itself in increasingly high demand. Over the past four years the department had grown from managing $25m in contracts to more than $150m, with a cost-savings to the firm of $48m in the previous year alone. During this time staff levels trebled and work was conducted on two continents. But as the volume and complexity grew what had once worked well with a small core group no longer sufficed.

Steve provided Kaplan's Time Factor for Executives and Teams. In addition, he worked with the team to create of a new set of internal policies and procedures enabling them to utilize their own best practice to employ a common approach, for the first time. Steve also helped the team leader develop his management and leadership skills.

As a result, the team went on to manage contracts worth many more millions of dollars and of increasing importance to the firm, while at the same time continuing to deliver significant cost savings.

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