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Kaplan's Trusted Advisor Rules of Engagement

Aspiring to become a trusted advisor means signing up to a number of simple rules...

  • It's about the client - not you.
  • The relationship comes first.
  • The relationship is the conduit through which all work flows.
  • The relationship is more important than the fees.
  • The relationship is more important than the outcome of the current transaction, financial and/or otherwise.
  • We will be totally open, honest and transparent with the client at all times.
  • We will only ever do the right thing for the client and seek genuine win/win outcomes.
  • We will constantly aspire to the highest levels of personal ethics and integrity.
  • If we cannot genuinely help the client in a given situation, or if we feel there is another firm who has a better offering or talent than ours, we will do what's in the best interests of the client.

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