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Trusted Advisor FAQs

What is a trusted advisor?

A trusted advisor focuses more on creating relationships with clients as opposed to completing transactions with them. Trusted advisors understand it is the relationship through which all work ultimately flows. And they're in it for the long haul.

Being a trusted advisor means it's all win/win each and every time out. It's about what you do with the client not to the client.

And because they're in it for the long haul trusted advisors only ever do the right thing for the client.

Trusted advisors strive to create a totally level playing field with clients and are open, honest and transparent at all times. This, in turn, encourages clients to act likewise.

What's different about working this way?

Trusted advisors make the client the center of their focus and create a different more rewarding and satisfying experience for him/her. The client's issues and interests - both business and personal - always come first - and the client him/herself is both valued and respected - as an individual - not simply someone occupying a role who must be dealt with. It's all personal.

When you operate in a totally honest and above board manner with clients putting their interests first, most will respond favorably. It feels different on both sides. As trust begins to build, a sense of being on solid footing starts to take hold. More substantive discussions often occur and people will report that progress occurs more quickly on all sides.

Becoming a trusted advisor may sound very simple, but significant (non-technical but very real) skills and some real character are required. It can be challenging at first to perform in this manner, especially consistently, and even more challenging to develop these sorts of relationships from a cold start. The full payoff in terms of BD may take some time - usually less than one might expect - but when it comes it's long lasting.

Why does it work?

The trusted advisor approach works because it places the client firmly at the center of the equation and provides a simple and highly workable framework for working together with the client. It's honest. It makes sense and it's real.

Acting as a trusted advisor encourages (and rewards) openness, honesty and transparency, builds trust quickly, and generates greater teamwork across and within organizations. The trusted advisor approach increases revenues, provides greater job satisfaction and creates clients for life.

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