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Grow Your Business:
Become A Trusted Advisor To Your Clients/Customers

Kaplan Coaching and Consulting provides private coaching and/or group programs to individuals and organizations that seek to establish enduring relationships with their clients/customers based upon an open, honest and transparent approach, a true win-win philosophy and the highest level of personal ethics and integrity.

KCC helps clients develop the skills that inspire trust and confidence and help establish them as trusted advisors in the eyes of their clients - quickly - and often from a cold start.

We can help you develop deeper and more rewarding relationships with clients than you ever thought possible and take your business to the next level.

What if ...

  • you were able to get clients to open up more?
  • your clients saw you as more than just a subject matter expert?
  • you were able to get clients to play more fairly?
  • you had access to more people in your clients' organization?
  • you were able to get clients/customers to focus less on price?
  • you were frequently asked to do additional work without asking for it?
  • the notion of "selling" was removed from the equation?
  • your clients confided in you and sought your advice across a wide range of issues?

Chances are you've faced your fair share of challenges and disappointments trying to convince clients to choose your service or product.

Or perhaps you're already doing pretty well but would just like to raise your game?

What if you could maximize revenues and develop trust-based relationships - quickly - and at the same time?

What would it be worth to you to have the same confidence in your relationship building/selling skills as you have in your technical skills - and to know what to do in any client situation?

What if you could really be open, honest and transparent with clients/customers about everything and still win?

What if you worked together with clients from the start to solve their problems?

Whether you are experienced to business development or just starting, we will help you understand why becoming a trusted advisor is the sure-fire route to building relationships and growing your business.

Becoming a trusted advisor to your clients/customers will not only help you increase revenues and generate repeat business, it will also enable you to derive the greatest amount of reward and satisfaction from your work.

If you are seriously interested in taking your performance and your business to the next level and developing deeper and more rewarding relationships with clients than you ever thought possible, we'd like to help you.

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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